Walking the path: November 2021

This update is coming late, but here it is at last! I've been able to make some progress since last month, but not as much as I intended to. My lack of direction on the public program combined with a few invites on private ones kinda messed with my schedule, for better or worse.

I managed to finish reading Bug Bounty Bootcamp by Vickie Li nonetheless. As expected from the first few chapters, this book is absolutely worth it. Clear and concise explanations of core bug classes with meaningful examples, I'd recommend it to anyone along with Portswigger's web security academy.

I'm still reading Python Tricks too, in my spare time and at a slow pace. While it is a very valuable read too, it is sadly not high on my priority list as I'm almost entirely focused on bug hunting and finding my first vulnerability.

I must admit, I committed the primordial sin on that topic: switching between programs. I do however believe that this will be a good decision, given that the current one I'm working on is private, recent, and better suited for beginners. We shall see.

All in all, here's the updated list that I've been and will be following this month:

What I mentioned in my previous post will be put aside for now, with the exception of joining the hackerspace whenever I have time. It's super important for me to focus on a small set of goals, ADHD being enough of an issue at the moment.

Given the current date of this post, the next update should be much shorter but will be made on time. Until then, let's do this!

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