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21 jun 2022, 12:29:17 am

my wiki is back under the name of amulet, on this very site! last week was spent tweaking some changes with nanoc to make it easier to edit and publish markdown files, without any specific formatting usually required during the compilation process. a bit hacky but it turned out well, which should encourage me to maintain it. for now the wiki is solely focused on offensive security and web penetration testing, but this may change over time.

13 jun 2022, 04:16:17 pm

i made some progress last week on tryhackme's offensive pentesting path, and i'm currently working on buffer overflow rooms — another writeup is coming soon. besides that, i made a shell script to easily block / unblock social media sites with qutebrowser, which should make it easier to manage my adhd. it was fun to just code something again. rest of the week was spent with some housekeeping on my machines, mainly setting up my laptop to be fully similar with my desktop and easily syncable.

26 jun 2021, 11:09:22 pm

since my last log, i've created my micro-company and started hunting bugs. we'll see how that goes.

10 may 2021, 06:28:22 pm

since last saturday, i am pentest+ certified! feels good when hard work is paying off :)

11 mar 2021, 05:49:24 pm

goodbye chasm. i added a space for french posts that will be coming up soon enough in the meantime, and this is probably how this blog will stay for a long time. less features, more content!

21 feb 2021, 12:49:03 am

chasm (my wiki) will be retiring soon. maintaining my notes with joplin has been way easier and i don't see any use for it at the moment.

12 jan 2021, 10:10:12 pm

i passed Security+! pentest+ is probably next as i will be studying offsec :)

05 dec 2020, 02:47:37 pm

i'm currently working on the comptia security+ exam, which is why i've been away for a while. can't wait to make progress and work on offsec as soon as i can.

26 oct 2020, 12:10:58 pm

i'm currently making a custom pentest VM with alpine linux and this distribution is so great i could make it my daily driver. oh if only i had the time...

24 oct 2020, 09:06:48 pm

like many people this weekend, i am incredibly frustrated by youtube-dl's dmca takedown. it's how i use youtube daily and fetch content everywhere so i can study offline. hope the project will continue to live on outside github.

18 oct 2020, 03:32:36 am

i really should update my repository of utility scripts...

16 oct 2020, 01:39:56 pm

excalidraw is a fantastic tool, too bad it's only a web or electron one. still using it frequently as a poor man's whiteboard, which is great to retain what i'm learning: Excalidraw

06 oct 2020, 04:35:15 pm

this is the most comprehensible method for subnetting that I have seen so far, might be handy for anyone studying this topic: video

25 sep 2020, 04:33:14 pm

just received the power supply for my pi-hole, now i can keep it on 24/7 if needed!

24 sep 2020, 09:08:35 pm

guess my thoughts on microblogging were worth a blog post: here

23 sep 2020, 11:21:52 pm

just finished watching the social dilemma. while i didn't learn anything new, it did bring a few points under a new light for me. it also illustrates brilliantly why alternatives like mastodon do not solve most issues with social media. might be worth a new post in the next few days?

18 sep 2020, 01:28:00 am

beginning to copy handwritten notes for the network+ certification: https://ovelny.sh/chasm/networking/

17 sep 2020, 07:26:54 pm

spending a few days in the countryside. might be the last time i can enjoy it before a while with current events.

15 sep 2020, 05:14:33 pm

stumbled on gtimelog, which seems to perfectly fit my needs for time tracking. it's not automatic, but the process is streamlined enough. might use it over thyme: https://github.com/gtimelog/gtimelog

15 sep 2020, 11:32:56 am

working and making progress on practical python course by @dabeaz today, then i'll update chasm with my written notes for the network+ certification.

15 sep 2020, 12:55:31 am

taking a (hopefully big) hiatus from social medias. 2020 is already messy enough on its own and i can't manage to have a decent signal-to-noise ratio no matter the platform.

15 sep 2020, 12:45:07 am

might get rid of the /tt page in the next few days, tracking time manually has proven to be more of a hassle than anything else. i now use thyme to do this automatically and locally, will add a tutorial on the wiki soon enough.

15 aug 2020, 03:28:32 pm

added a list of cinematographic works that had an impact on me: https://ovelny.sh/chasm/lists/cinema/

14 aug 2020, 11:50:21 pm

made a quick cheatsheet for main shortcuts, commands, and some settings in qutebrowser: https://ovelny.sh/chasm/tutorials/qutebrowser/

13 aug 2020, 12:12:48 pm

css overhaul done, this vessel now feels much fresher. no more dark theme!

28 jun 2020, 01:54:52 am

fixed some issues with image processing, still a work in progress but this should be alright for the time being.

24 jun 2020, 05:51:55 pm

this website has been completely rebuilt with nanoc, and features now a time tracking page (fetching the summary output of faereld) and a personal wiki. also got entirely rid of js!

18 apr 2020, 12:34:46 am

making additional progress with the blog, mainly with the build process: i can now dump everything i write on dropbox paper right here, by automatically downloading all images and converting dropbox urls to local ones. neat.

15 apr 2020, 12:38:49 pm

i finally took time to finish this blog, quite happy with the result! efficient and minimalist, less than 100 locs for generating static pages with flask. some things are still wip, but it's good enough to finally publish my things.

24 oct 2019, 5:01:58 am

new article published about sshuttle. i found this solution to be more straightforward than dsvpn, decided to publish in english instead. still working on finishing this website too!

06 sep 2019, 9:22:22 pm

been porting some scripts in bash lately, and this is a goldmine: https://github.com/dylanaraps/pure-bash-bible

02 sep 2019, 4:28:15 pm

writing in progress for the first post of this blog: a simple guide to set up dsvpn, in french.

07 aug 2019, 1:01:56 am

hello, world.