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what i'm currently doing.

28 Feb 2024, 10:48:24 PM

my last contract has ended and i finally have enough time to re-study for the OSCP. i had a lot of fun with it back in early 2023, but sadly i wasn’t able to keep working towards the certification with a new full-time job at the time.

there’s no doubt i’m quite rusty and i need to refresh my machines and setup first. still, watching IppSec’s videos and remembering the thrill of hacking is exciting. this should be fun even if i have to re-earn the bonus points i worked for.

a few other things happened on the not-so-fun side of things, but all that matters is that i want to get back on track (•ᴗ•)

  • still learning C. i’ve switched to Effective C rather than Beej’s guide, as it challenges me to understand underlying concepts.
  • updating my machines and attack box.
  • reading The King in Yellow.
  • having fun playing Doom (1993). i never took a decent shot at it before!
  • added alt text for all media files on here. this took me a while and i will always be doing this as i write posts from now on.
  • added an about page.
  • added a fitting license for this site.
  • renamed my wikis: my cybersecurity wiki is now “chaos” and my personal one is “phasm”.
  • read, watched and played a few things since the previous update, all listed on phasm.
  • sorted things out with my current status as a returning OSCP student.

19 Sep 2023, 10:19:41 PM

many changes since last month. i decided to study C instead of Rust as this will be the most practical, useful choice for me and i’m having a lot of fun learning the underlying concepts.

it’s so interesting to me that i don’t want to risk losing the guides i’m using: since mirroring them seems to be okay, i added Beej’s guide to C programming and Beej’s library reference to chaos, along with other C resources.

i hope copying them as i did is allowed. i also added how i’ve done it in the tutorials.

  • still fixing some broken links in the wikis and contact page.
  • adding an about page.
  • learning C.
  • reading Stefan Stenudd’s translation of Tao Te Ching: Ursula K. Le Guin’s rendition is amazing, but i found myself needing a more down-to-earth version.
  • updating my VM so i can study again for the OSCP.
  • moved nanoc and all its dependencies to an independant, locally backed up docker image.
  • wrote a bash script to control static site generation solely from this docker image.

28 Aug 2023, 03:19:12 AM

i’ve changed this section and made it a now page, that i will update regularly to track what i’m doing. this week has somehow been both uneventful and overwhelming: i’m catching up on the past few months with boring things like paperwork, but also updating this website and re-learning rust. i stopped at the worst time, my pace was very satisfying and concepts like traits were finally clicking. thankfully this interactive version of the rust book should help.

i’m also preparing myself to study again for the OSCP. a daunting process, i hate being rusty after leaving something for too long.

  • fixing some broken links in the wikis and contact page.
  • documenting rust concepts while re-learning.
  • moving all the dependencies of this site’s static generator (nanoc and more) into a docker image for resiliency and “portability”.
  • added phasm wiki to the site, so i can document everything unrelated to computers.
  • changed this site’s CSS to use InconsolataGo font, after a disappointing attempt with bitmap fonts.
  • read The Tao of Pooh, which left me with mixed feelings but enough interest to start reading the Tao Te Ching rendition by Ursula K. Le Guin.